Friday, March 25, 2011

friday again?

wow. where did the week go? every morning it seems i wake up, and for a minute cannot remember WHO I AM. do any of you ever have this happen? my earliest memory of this experience was when i was a child, and fell asleep in the back seat of the car at night, coming home from somewhere. i still have moments like this, sadly, they are happening more frequently. yikes. so much for forgetting what day it is!

i shut the phone off several times this week. it was WONDERful. i will maybe even do it today, too. and looking at next week, which is full of taxes and meetings and campaigns and classwork and out-of-town travel, yep, i may try it again.

i thought that getting the iphone would make me have to talk on the phone more. alas, thankfully, it is not true.

anyway. i miss living. today, the ups man will bring me my mini greenhouse, and i WILL plant some seeds this weekend. and then, i will wait for them to sprout. and then, i will nurture them and encourage them and fuss with them as they are babies. and THEN i will get to go outside and be with them every day!!!

living is good. i must think of a way to do it today, actually.
happy friday!


Rani said...

I was at the neighbors yesterday and they were planting seeds. They bought a little greenhouse and had the fever. I hope they do well because they are good at sharing :)

Happy Friday, B!

carey said...

shutting off the phone is a very good thing, just as soon as you get done talking to me.

cherk said...

I hope your Friday was all you wanted it to be:)

Chris said...

Shutting the phone off is not my problem. Now if I would just shut the TV off, I might get my homework done! You have the right idea.