Thursday, March 24, 2011


love this video. love it.

i kind of like it when mac has his Jesus look going on, too. and that they have set that reminds me of the black crowes when i saw them in 1990.

but, it's good for other reasons, too :)


Karen said...

I haven't watched this yet. I will. First, though, I just wanted to say hi.

It feels like it's been awhile.

Karen said...

Yep. Gotcha on the Jesus look. Sa-weet. :-)

Wish I had been to the Black Crowes in 1990..

SO can't get adoption off my heart.

bobbione8y said...

hey girlie!!!

yes, i did think of you when i posted this. i still think that, in God's timing, very good things can happen, karen ;)

the back story behind the Black Crowes is that when i was 'considering' whether or not to accept Jesus, one of the things that bothered me was that i was concerned about having to give up 'my' music - which was always sort of jangly southern rock and roll.

one day, when i heard third day singing 'black bird' (which i think is directed to the BCs), well, it sort of sealed the deal :)

he he. God is so smart.

Karen said...

He IS! I love his smartness. Sometimes it just slays me. I wonder how long he was sitting up in heaven, waiting for that plan to hit you upside the head?

Karen said...

And thank you. I forgot to say thank you.