Thursday, July 04, 2013

day 6 (otherwise known as 4th of July)

whew. day 6 of vaca, and I finally had a whole day with no plans! kind of backwards, i guess, but it works for me. i have been careful not to plan the final 3 days coming up, either, so that i get filled up with plenty of solitary confinement. it's what i really, really needed.

so, here is some of what i've been up to...i should note that mostly i have been socializing A LOT. it's been good, but i never take people pics. i might have to think about changing that if i keep being outgoing :)

okay. but back to the hermit stuff. i showed you the beginning of the strawberry bed, but here it is finished. i ordered the strawberries bare root (ie dead looking) and VERY quickly they started to grow. all 25 of em!

check out the teeny weeny blossoms. almost all of the teeny weeny plants are starting to get BERRIES already! that is a farmer-dream-come-true right there! i hope they continue to do well.

then i went to a class and learned how to make a rhubarb leaf birdbath. it looks better in the pics than it actually is in person, but it's kinda cool. it is wonky shaped and does not really hold water. not sure a bird would be interested, but the process was fun. i started to take process photos, then somewhere in the middle got distracted and forgot. you kind of missed the step that involved peeling the !@#$% leaf off the cement. not really the most exciting part. but working with the cement was okay. it helped that the ladies at the outdoor campus mixed it and did most of the work :)

then today i made a little collage for my basement bedroom that i have been wanting to do for AGES. since that basement room is my little sanctuary (pics to come after i finish up just a COUPLE more finishing touches) the saying seems so fitting. it's made of seed catalogs and paint. i kind of love it :)

so that's it from the back forty. i hope you have a great 4th holiday, and i hope you remember that america is only beautiful because of God :)


Rea said...

I love the collage! That turned out really well!

cherk said...

The collage is the bomb!

bobbione8y said...

it was SO fun! I am thinking of having a 'girls' night for a couple of the littles at church (10 year olds) and think this might be a good project to do...also can invite the bigger littles if you want to come, rea :)

K~ said...

Sigh.... as usual, you put me to shame. I have been SO excited about my "laundry room" taking shape that I was getting ready to photo graph it. Then I see your wonderful revisions and makeovers and I think hmmm... You are very talented.

bobbione8y said...

No shame, Kirst, really - I'm sure if you were a single woman with no kids and a week off, your world would look differently :)

Yay on the laundry room!!!! I have yet to get started there, but a nice cricket family lives there at the moment.

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