Thursday, July 11, 2013

cute peeps

okay, so at least i remembered to snap a couple of pics. bad pics, but with such cute subject matter, it's still kind of good :)

if i had to describe this summer in one word, it would be 'relationship.' that's kind of a new one for me, eh? but as much as i've gone into the new, more social 'me' kind of kicking and screaming, i've really really been enjoying it.

last night was gardening night at the church garden. these are some of my helpers up above! we met this family thru our summer outreach - kid's camp - and my friend rachelle has continued the relationship. they have never gardened, and let me tell you, those two little girls are THE BOMB! they weeded more than the big people :)

afterward, we had frozen yogurt and conversation. mom is married, hubby works at night. she is going to start classes next week to learn more english. her 2 daughters speak VERY well, and she said they are actually 'teaching' her, too.

her mother and sisters live in her home country (um, i forgot to ask exactly what country that is) and so she is kind of lonely. rachelle and i are like 'aunts' and a small touch of family for her since hers is so far away.

on sunday, we'll be going over for a ramadan feast with them. very excited!!!! she is hungry to share her culture with us, and we are hungry to learn. muslims fast during ramadan from sunrise to sunset, so we'll meet later in the evening to eat.

i'm starting to wonder if maybe relationship trumps hermit-ness, you think?