Monday, July 08, 2013

ready, set, not quite ready?

okay, it's monday and i have to go back to work today.

i hope with all my heart that i can do it. seriously you guys, it's getting harder and harder and harder. thank goodness i love my work, i cannot even imagine being in this state if i didn't.


i love summertime, don't you? i had the perfect mix of work, play and rest. i read 1 1/2 books INSTEAD of tv. i have a ways to go in that area, which will play out later this month when i take some time off from media.

i wore a headband some of the time. sigh. that's what you do when the tiny bit of hair you have is bugging the crap out of you, i guess.

i went dumpster diving at the ACTUAL dump. i was dropping off a load of branches, when lo and behold i saw a perfect stump. it was hard to be inconspicuous about hauling it to the truck when i could barely lift it. but it was worth the effort.

speaking of effort, here are my lilac bushes after i gave them a little 'trim' which turned into nearly cutting them completely down! i'm getting the rest of my fence put up this month, so i needed to get them in shape.

that 2nd photo is to show cher how parts of my yard actually look. there's a reason why i take alot of close up shots :) ha. sense delaying. i need to get to work, i guess. here's to a happy, productive Monday y'all!