Friday, July 05, 2013

for cher

so my friend cher has a gardening space to are some random thoughts:

if you have a lot of shade, i find that it's harder to grow things that flower alot. my fave prairie plants like coneflowers and black eyed susans just like LOTS of sun.

so maybe think about mixing textures and shapes i like the purple/lime green/burgundy combos, so these are along those lines :)

i will add more as i think of them :))))))

false spirea - these go crazy, but they are lacy and a nice shape. i think you could 'underplant' with shorter stuff for variety. they do spread, so you'd have to pull 'suckers' but otherwise, no maintenance.

this is my FAVORITE hosta ever. Fire Island. it's small, so get a few and tuck em in around other things.

this is another possibility for a bush to add some height and texture - black lace elderberry. some think it looks like a japanese maple. it also gets wiley and wonkey, but that is what makes it good.

this is the only blooms at the very end of summer, the leaves are FAB. it likes shade, so tuck it in the back. make sure you get 'othello' or the round leaf, much prettier than other varieties.

another fave hosta, guacomole. lime green and a medium size.

these are heuchera. they come in a zillion colors. sometimes they grow, sometimes they die. when they grow, they are terrific and colorful.

blue giant hosta. common, but big and adds a nice touch of cool color.