Tuesday, June 25, 2013


greetings from the land of a zillion projects!

life is good over here on the back forty. all of that rain I have prayed for since last summer is making things look wonderful. i am a happy gardener again.

as always, there are projects on board. i jump around alot, never finishing one thing before moving over to the next thing. that's just my way, don't judge me :)

wanna see some progress?

 the sunporch used to be a nasty, dirty, pinkish beige with nasty, dirty, pinkish beige carpet. now it's carpetless (hardest DIY task I have ever done) and starting to change color. grey/yellow/white palette. it's a bit hot to work out there now, however, so last weekend i switched to here:

 the basement. as always, these kinds of things take time. I actually had the walls painted white last winter, but stopped action when it came to painting the floor, because that is a yucky job.

notice how at one point I just had a giant white box. i felt like i was on HGTV! so this weekend, i finished painting the floor and moved in my bed. i really have to get some decorating done. i'm also questioning making a pink girlie room. however, in the interest of not re-doing before it's even done, i just need to get some artwork up and call it good. for a basement, it's pretty nice so far.

 this guy made me happy, until the rain beat it into the ground last weekend. thankfully, i picked some and got to enjoy this first :)

happy day!


Rea said...

Wow! The floor looks amazing! Love the whole room. :)

bobbione8y said...

it's actually a rug. ha. i'm not ambitious enough to paint chevrons.

i also just called to have cable installed...probably not a smart move, given we are entering the 'media challenge' for ss :)