Tuesday, June 18, 2013

beauty in the moments

sigh. hi all. as i sit typing this, i'm looking out the window and hearing the birds and seeing the sun and feeling a small breeze. it looks like it might be another 'perfect' day.

i really am trying to evaluate how i spend my days. time is so fleeting. the part of me that cannot BELIEVE i am in my 50s wants to slow things down a little. every day is truly a gift. lately, that is the lesson that keeps coming to me.

i have a lot of work going on this summer. it's all i can do not to wind myself up in it, and live there. but i refuse. i am hoping to stay focused and do what i need to do each day, but not live in the 'what ifs' and 'how will it go' and 'what will they think' of things. it's hard to do.

yesterday i worked and also left work behind. it was good. today, the plate is full up again, and the temptation to freak out and let it consume me is there.

instead, i will look out the window, remember the whole of things, and thank God for another perfect day.

happy Tuesday :)

I'm thinking of trying to learn a new skill - wanna help?

lime green goodness

pinterest project

doing surgery on a broken limb

still one of my favorite things ;)

sure, I can use another raised bed! thanks jim and rachelle :)

Found this little quiet spot right in my neighborhood. those are baby ducks zipping around and eating bugs :)


Rea said...

Ooh, are you tiling? I think it would be fun to learn to tile. Mike did our bathroom when we finished out our basement in VA before we moved, but I didn't help (being otherwise occupied with a busy toddler at the time). Call me if you want some help! (I'll make the boys bring books and hang out in the yard or something.)

bobbione8y said...

Oh gosh. Scared to learn to tile. But thinking that this space might be a good place to give it a go. I would love your help :))

In fact, I might enlist aid from all of the village. ha.

cherk said...

I love that little spot. Now tiling, there is something crafty I do know how to do.

K~ said...

Bobbi, You amaze me. You are such a super woman! I love love love your blog. I miss you so much. I have been busy with the new garage, Ricks mom and dads house and our house. Slow and steady. SLOOOOW and steady. I will email soon. K~

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