Saturday, June 08, 2013

wonderful wonder

sigh. great big sigh.

it's the end of a most lovely, rainy afternoon in which i have accomplished very little. which is exactly what i needed.

i love rain. i love rainy days. i do get kind of crabby when the sun never comes out, but there is really nothing better than a leisurely rainy day. it's like the whole word slows way down.

today made me miss blogging. i miss telling you about the garden. it's been a pretty wonderful spring in the garden, even though the rain has made it sort of a start/stop/start experience. still. i am enjoying the pace this year...a simple summer.

one of the garden additions. a junk metal goat :)

the tomatoes got a new home...pretty down to earth digs!

i had to remove some moss from a new bed i'm making. i wish i could transplant it - so pretty!

new reading spot. with homemade chandelier, which is kind of cool.

here's the new progress. yep, that's a bunny watching over things.

i need to figure out how to clean my gutter...but for now, it's making room for a rain barrel that used to be petunias.

everything is neon...!

my little miss likes rainy days, too. more snuggling.

a few things left to plant.

hi guys! i have missed you :)


Rea said...

I love the goat. It always makes me do a double take until I remember it is metal.

Also, as I have probably said before, I would never get anything done if I could just sit in that little sun room and gaze out on your back yard.

bobbione8y said...

Oh friend. I can assure you that is exactly why I HAVE such a room ;)

carey said...

oh hello! love all the fun in your back yard. the goat rocks. i am ready ready ready for the sunshine. you can have the rain! :)

cherk said...

Oh my gosh, I have been missing out, but thinking you were blogging no more. I am so insanely jealous of your mad outdoor skills. INSANELY

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