Monday, October 17, 2011


yesterday at church, pastor shel mentioned about how he doesn't even hear the word 'busy' when someone is making an excuse why they cannot do something, he just hears 'blah blah blah' instead.

it got me thinking about how we all say we're too busy sometimes, and how usually we follow it up in our heads by thinking 'someday' things will be different. yep, if i'm being honest with myself, it's true that 'someday' has taken up a good share of my life.

lately, my joy has been directly related to 'when' and 'if' the house sells, and i move. as of today, that has been 3 months of seriously compromising my thoughts - EVERY day. what i've tried to convince myself in the process is the thought that 'someday' it will all be over, and i'll be able to focus on other things.

however, in the interest of waiting for someday, i quite possibly have missed some things:

fall. i love this time of year, and i have not spent a day in a pumpkin patch, or visiting my parents in the country, or walking in my neighborhood to see the spilling leaves. i have been outside precious little, usually to pet loco when i see him, but not to rake or feel the sun, which i love so much.

people. i have not been home to see my parents in MONTHS. yeah. that is crazy ridiculous. i live so close. i love sitting in the gazebo and hearing the sounds of the country. i love checking out the garden with my mom, and teasing my dad about being a farmer. i miss them.

reading. i miss reading. i am in the middle of a bible study now, and i usually read it in the few hours before i actually go to group. i miss lounging on a sunday afternoon with a book. or reading before i go to bed. i think reading is one of the precious things we have in this life, and i am sad that i have not done it lately.

cooking. making food. eating food with people. the smell of the kitchen when something is simmering on the stove. oh, how i LONG for this again.

in honor of 'someday' starting today, i plan to live, really live, in the moment - even though it's monday!

would you like to join me?


Rea said...

Oh, amen! I want to go on a really nice fall-ish nature walk. Too late today because the family needs to be fed, but I am going to put that in my schedule for tomorrow. Hmm. Now, where should I go?

Karen said...

Molly and I just got back from a walk. They say this is it for our fabulously nice weather, and I'm so glad we found 30 minutes in our "busy busy" schedules to take it in.

Life is a little ridiculous right now. I've never been so good at weeding the "busy" from the important. I'd like to say I'll be better, but honestly, I don't even know how.

I am in a good God place at the moment, so the rest doesn't seem as monumental as it otherwise might.

bobbione8y said...

Rea, so good to have you over to see Fern yesterday! I will be excited to have a garden party in a few short months ;)

Karen, hello! Yes, we do have to think about what we are going to do with 'busy' as it does not appear to be going anywhere soon. and yes, God is good! He especially is good to me (and loud) when I am struggling.

you should read the book over on my sidebar. My group swears we can feel our brain stretching with this one ;)