Friday, October 07, 2011

comfort food.

today is the last day that i will have to wait to find out if my house is sold. well, technically that day is october 31, but today is a pivot point that will either lean toward 'yes' or 'no'.

i find that when i am super stressed, i don't really have an appetite. i think that it's the same principle that turns most people going through a divorce super skinny. the body just doesn't care about food all that much.

last week, i found some new food to chew on in the form of matt maher. i have loved him for awhile, his music hits on social justice issues and jesus both very beautifully. a couple of weeks ago, i was driving and heard his song 'turn around' for the first made me wish i had not changed the name of my company from 180 creative earlier in the year.

the song is about repentance. repentance as a life style while we are here on this earth. it's beautiful, and makes me think God's plan is so beautiful, too. the whole album is worthy to listen to. one of my favorite lines comes from the song 'heaven help me'. he sings 'i lift You up and i lay me down'. isn't that the truth of every step of the Christian walk? i think it's just profound.

if you have a penchant for buying music, please, don't delay. go buy this album NOW.

one little observation: from the sound of his voice, i've always pictured matt maher looking something like kris kristofferson circa 1976 in 'a star is born'.

um. instead, he sort of looks like a cross between elvis costello and andy warhol. which does not change a thing about how i feel about him :)


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bobbione8y said...

ha! oh my sweet billy b. well, that explains why i still love matt, doesn't it?

i have to admit, though, i had serious fun finding JUST the right photo of kk, who i have loved for 35 years :)