Saturday, October 15, 2011

art makes a home.

i'm ever so slowly getting the new house 'move-in' ready...for me, that means i will NOT have a shower in my upstairs bathroom, but i WILL have some new artwork to look at.

art is not optional in my house. i swear, i would live in a mud hut, and still have art in it! filling my new house with little bits of beauty is one of my truly favorite things to do.

just so you know (i feel the need to justify) = these six pieces of art were less than $150 total. my secret is that i don't buy frames, because i thrift and already have many, many shapes and sizes. in a perfect world, i'd have new frames too, but the art is more important to me. here's what i got:

jonah by jim lepage: i was extremely disappointed in the poor quality of the art (hello jim lp - get a new printer and set up your art for print, not web!) when i got it!!! however, the beauty of the work sort of makes up for it, and i do plan to hang it in my living room right away.

'serve the Lord' reclaimed wood art by the simple standard: my dear sweet cass gave me this for my birthday! what a girl, she snuck over to my pinterest page and found that i had pinned this art :) not sure where i will put it yet, but somewhere where i see it often.

welcome home decal by vinyl fruit: my new door is kind of ratty, so i painted it turquoise and will put this in the window!

birds by dolan geiman: oh my goodness! i got this for 70% off! some of you may remember me pining away for this a couple of years ago. thank you dolan for making your beautiful art affordable!

marilyn by velvet morning: i do have several themes running through much of the artwork i buy - birds, deer, houses, and women. all of them fascinate me, and i really do love marilyn.

nesting birds by bee things: these guys are seriously GOOD graphic designers. and lime green is popping up all over fern these days! i want more of their stuff.

'lemons' and 'love birds' by kingslip: i got this from a place called red bubble. the artist is in south africa, and he calls himself 'designer, printer, farmer, cook' - fabulous combo! both prints were tiny and very affordable - they came very quickly and are really nice in quality! go red bubble!

whew. that is a bunch of goodies. i should mention that most of my old stuff will be finding a new place to live, too. art show, anyone?


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