Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fall boot parade.

so. all of a sudden it's winter today. not really, but i do have to dig out some socks. same thing.

you know it's that time when you start to surf the internet for cute boots. oh, so many to choose from!

you also know you are *50* when this is what you decide to buy instead.

they ARE metallic. that makes me still cool.



carey said...

yes, i am wearing socks over my jeans and under my boots at this very minute. the ice rink has nothing on me this winter :)

Karen said...

Did you get snow?

We are having a rainy day, which is not nearly as much fun as snow.

I want the boots in the second picture. I want the boots in the third picture. I have a pair of Dansk black clogs, but they kill my lower back. Bummer.

bobbione8y said...

No snow...still 60 degree days!

I need some boots made for walkin' - er, comfort ;)