Monday, October 31, 2011

a new normal.

schwew. monday morn at last.

i guess it suffices to say that moving is somewhat chaotic. besides the fact that my keyboard now sticks on the 'space' key - which i use occasionally - i came through it somewhat unharmed.

i have to say, the picture above is what i have been most looking forward to. white bean chicken chili in the crockpot today; pumpkin bread later this afternoon when the dust of the day settles.

yesterday, as i was cleaning out the fridge a couple of hours before the new owners did their final walkthrough, it struck me that i did not feel a ton of emotion. it was not my house anymore. in fact, it wasn't even 'mabel' anymore! perhaps i learned a valuable lesson in that a home is only four walls, and the love and care that you put inside it, and that your friends and family and memories put into it, is what truly makes a home.

i didn't cry. which is nothing short of amazing.

so, today at 4pm i will close on this season of my life. lots has happened, both good and bad. i am ready to be here, and that is good :)

happy monday!

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