Friday, March 29, 2013

let's randomize today.

 Hello all and a good friday to you. I have spent this past week in another anxiety-filled frenzy, and I am hoping the reality of today and the redemption that comes from it will pull me back into the reality of Christ. for today, I will attend a 'darkness' service tonite and remember the cup that he drank from, for me and for you.

i have not really thought much about gardening yet, probably because of the cold temps that have lingered. I have thought about yellow though, and that is almost as good :)

 last weekend, the downstairs fishies got some new digs. they are my backyard pond fish, the only remainers of at least 15 or 20 fishies. they deserve a nice new tank and no threat of being cooked alive, or eaten by birds.

 taxes are done for another year. praise God!

the work in the basement continues. i want to buy/do so many things, but so far, it is still looking cute with even my old things. siesta concurs.

looks like they made it! a small band of houseplants have endured the harshness of winter and my bad caretaking, and will go outside soon. for that, i am ecstatic!

happy Easter everyone! i hope you have a joyful weekend and a serious time with God, too. it's not really about the bunny :)


Lisa said...

I want you to come decorate my house. Do you freelance as a decorator? Happy Easter!

Bobbi said...

That is my favorite KIND of freelancing. Lisa, and the best part is that I am usually 'free' :) ha ha.

Happy Easter! A summer without book design - hurray!

cherk said...

Ok, the yellow...made my day! I agree, you can decorate my house as well!

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