Friday, March 15, 2013

ides of March

That's all I can think about today. I had to google 'ides' because even though I say the phrase all the time, I have no idea what it means!

Apparently the ides (which is middle-of-the-month, or the 15th) became notorious as the date that Julius Caesar was assassinated in 44 BC. Sorry Jules!

Otherwise, it's a perfectly lovely day. I was very excited yesterday to have my first spring walk around the neighborhood.

It was very pleasant to go outside. I may do it again sometime!

Otherwise, I spent some time in the basement again. I'm not really moving at light speed down there, probably because I am not really into basements.

Things are coming along, though. I still need to set up the craft room. I got the shelves up last night, so maybe this weekend? Dunno. Taxes also must be done. sigh.

I got another rug for the space. that makes a bad paint job and 2 layers of rugs, if you are keeping track.

 As Lou remarked when I sent her a pic, 'that's SO Bobbi Gaukel!'

Alas, she is correct. I could lick this rug, I love it so much.

  That's magenta fringe, in case you can't tell.

It really does help the very 'blah' room to pop a little.

Things will of course be better when I get all of the shelves stocked, and yes, get some artwork hung!

My cutest decorating accessory really matches the room :)

Happy Friday, folks!


Rea said...

Very pretty rug! Some day (far in the future) I will have wood floors and I will buy a beautiful rug. Until then I will sigh over yours!

cherk said...

I could just squeeze her!

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