Friday, March 01, 2013

so the photoshoot went really well. the reporter girl and the photographer girl were both really nice, and into vintage things. half of the time i forgot they were here for a purpose, i.e. to take pictures and interview me.

the only time it came back to me was when i had to sit down for a sec in order to be photographed myself - eeek! the photog is an old acquaitance, and really, really gentle. she even let me see the shot, which was not as bad as i had imagined.

it was just so nice and reassuring to have two people who have never been in my house be so encouraging! i guess because my house and how i spend my time making it pretty is kind of important to me.

it's funny how much good even a tiny bit of encouragement can do, isn't it? hmmmm. something to ponder :)

happy weekend, all! i promise to come back next week with an actual post or two :)