Tuesday, March 05, 2013

craft room update

sigh. it's been awhile since I showed you the craft room. i actually thought it would be done by now, but isn't that the way it goes?

it's pretty much done as far as the foundation goes, but for some reason i cannot visualize what the finished room should look like. i usually 'see' the end product, but this little room is stumping me. probably because of the mish mash of junk furniture i have to work with, and the limited budget i want to spend to complete the project.

the 'before' shots give you an idea of the dreariness.

i really wanted to carpet the space, but at the last minute decided against it because a) it would have been sort of expensive and b) i am really not sure how water-tight the basement is, since we have been in a drought since i bought this house. might be better to wait and see.

so, there you go. I went with a sisal rug instead of carpet (actually 2, which i will eventually stitch together). the orange wall has me questioning things. might be a little too bright, but I plan to line that wall with shelving, so hopefully it will tone down a bit.

i also hope to bring in a giant work surface - thinking of a solid-core birch door, or even some butcher block countertop. something sturdy. so that i can sew and craft and store all of the 'stuff' that is randomly strewn about.

i'll keep you posted as i go along :)

ps. a certain someone is very very interested in breaking in the new rugs in this home .... :)


carey said...

man. i wish i had that gene you have. sigh.

Ellen said...

Did you use floor epoxy over that old tile? We did that in our old house, and, MAN!, that stuff stinks! Hope you were able to open some windows or something. It's shaping up great, and I can't wait to see more. You never fail to make a space look good!

bobbione8y said...

Hi Ellen!

The floor is a bit of a sore spot for me, as I ignored my own self, and listened to the Home Depot lady, who told me of an easier way to paint...the only trouble is, it chips if you walk on it!!!! grrrr.

Because i have a large rug, I'm leaving it for now. but for the downstairs bedroom, I'll be sanding, priming with oil, and topping it with porch paint.

Kind of a long process. Not sure I would be brave enough to epoxy though!

Ellen said...

We used that basement/garage floor paint stuff. No priming, and it went right over the tiles. But, yes, it scraped fairly easily. We just threw rugs everywhere and called it good. It's so darn expensive to put a "real" floor in! If it's any consolation, your floor looks great in the pictures. :)

bobbione8y said...

it's pretty if I wear socks :) ha ha! and yes, could not justify the costs of carpet, when to be honest, it's just a basement :)

how is the new home coming along?

K~ said...

wow! i am jealous of your room!

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