Wednesday, April 03, 2013

learning to edit

so, over the weekend I rearranged my office for summer. mostly, i wanted myself (and siesta) to be able to look out the window and daydream more - like we need that.

but as i sit here on day 3 of working in the space, i'm reminded of how calming it is to see order instead of clutter. i have mostly friends who know how to edit things down, and keep spaces clean and orderly. i have NEVER been one of those people, because i love all manners of stuff too much.

but, i am trying. some of you may not think of these pictures as 'spare' - but I'm telling ya, they have come a looooooooong way.

i think perhaps I am becoming an editor.

yes, Siesta is batting 1,000 for 'getting in the shot' - what can I say? she is gifted.


Rea said...

Seeing this makes me want to make my office prettier. :)

bobbione8y said...

oh, thanks dear. It's really all because of the wonderful light that comes shining through. I wish all of my house were so pretty and bright.

cherk said...

Love, love, love. It is sooo uplifting. Seeing how you do color always makes me want to redo everything in my house. Or better yet, have you come and redo!

carey said...

i go to bobbi's house and i can't even focus on anything she is saying. pure eye candy.

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