Friday, April 26, 2013

where oh where

let's see. i have been gone a long time, so i will just give some random updates:

on tuesday, i shoveled about 5 inches of heavy snow.

yesterday, i raked leaves and picked up sticks and cleaned the gutters.

i am learning to be flexible like that :)

i still am not sure how to wear skinny jeans without boots, though. life is hard.

i bought a couch about a month ago. the guy has still not delivered it, and i actually really don't care anymore. says something about impulse spending.

i did NOT buy this absolutely darling 'loveseat' for my office last weekend, when lou and i decided to drive 4 hours to minneapolis for a 2-hour thrift sale. i have thought about it every day since.

yeah. go figure that one out.

 siesta is scurrying out the door every chance she gets these days. cats just KNOW. good things are out there.

other than that, i'm trying desperately to get into a mode of less = more. which makes it hard when i want to go to every thrift store in the tri-state region. Lord, help me.

otherwise, things are well. busy, but good busy. and i have both a dentist AND a doctor appointment set up in the next two weeks. 2 years of procrastination is about to be tackled.

pray for me that THIS time, procrastination was not a big mistake.
happy friday y'all!


carey said...

oh yay. i loved this post. i like it when you go all random on us. i do not know about skinny jeans without boots either. i think i will skip right to soccer shorts :)

cherk said...

Perfect pick me up for the day. I also struggle with skinny jeans without boots, I think you have it right!

Lisa said...

I think there are a lot of people in the "what to wear with skinny jeans" dilemma! I have seen a lot of people wearing Sperrys. My rule is that if there is snow on the ground, no matter what the calendar says, I'm wearing boots.

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