Sunday, April 14, 2013

things i learned in the storm

it's april 14th today. i have to remember to send in my taxes tomorrow. it seems like forever ago that i had taxes done, even though it was 3 weeks ago.

life changes quickly. our little town of sioux falls experienced that change together last week, in a way most of us never thought about. i got a couple of insights during the week, so here we go:

i take for granted that i have a LOT. a lot. a lot of things.

i don't need 'things' as much as i thought i did.

in adversity, people do usually come through for you. examples are sherry and ron, and lou, and anne, and ralph and scott. thank you.

facebook is not necessary. it is not really even real. nor is pinterest. or most blogs.

there is something to be said for working at a coffee shop.

i don't really have a good winter coat.

it is possible for 85,000 people to want to hug their utilities worker.

cool whip looks the same after 4 days out of the refridge as it did BEFORE. yikes.

birds can handle a lot of snow.

branches spring back.

someday, all things will be fully restored. what a day that will be!

:) hope you are enjoying spring in your heart.