Monday, May 13, 2013

may! it's may! it's almost halfway THROUGH may!

yikes. i am not very good at blogging anymore. so, quick updates through iphone pics:

2 trips to Mpls. in as many weeks. this is bing, he was a nice companion on my last trip. i think it was because i let him have some of my donut.

little missy is spending a lotta time here lately. tail wagging on the keyboard is something i am getting better at deflecting. better, but not excellent.

 the new couch is kind of slippery. i think in summer it might leave damask prints on the back of bare legs. vintage and practical do not exactly go together.

succulents (and ferns) (and ivy) at 'hunt and gather.' of course.

mother's day stash. the lady did flinch a little when i was taking her picture. little did she know i would crop out her head, because i just wanted to show the apron :)

on the way home from mom and dad's house. burning ditches. there were about 8 firetrucks just over this hill, but i was too nervous to stop and take a pic. i took this one while driving 55 :)

the cannas have been growing in the basement/sun porch for about a month....ready to go outside soon!

trying a new color oxalis for the front porch. burgundy with yellow flowers. i can hardly wait to get all the pots prettied up!

schwew. that is what the iphone had to say :) happy spring (finally) y'all!


Ellen said...

Spring looks beautiful at your house! I tried to dig out my pots today but that turned into cleaning the garage, and now I've made a big mess and I don't want to clean it up!

Hopefully spring will look beautiful at my house someday too. :)

K~ said...

Oh Bingy!!! Miss you! Love your post! keep posting. Even though you don't think I read it, I DO! :)

bobbione8y said...

Ellen - I had the garage dilemma, too! I only cleaned it half-way though, I was too excited to get outside :)

Kirst. wow! I was wrong :)

K~ said...

see :)

K~ said...

oh, I am going to get one of those clovers this year I think too. I like them.

cherk said...

You always make me motivated to get out there and get my plants!

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