Monday, July 18, 2011

wheels are spinning.

whew! monday morning again. i am pretty sure i need about a week to catch up on sleep, although i have found that my afternoon naps are absolute necessity, and helping me as i go thru the next change of season.

i got the house on wood drive friday. it's funny that last week at this time, i really had no intention of moving anywhere soon. i do find that when making major decisions, i am quick to act, and then think about it later. i do the same thing with buying cars and adopting cats. i'm not much for test driving, i JUST DO IT.

i spent much of saturday in the basement, cleaning out yucky mildewey clothing (from the water heater explosion of 2010! yikes. that is a mess. i am going to see about getting some stuff hauled away this week, in hopes of not continuing the hoard habit after the move.

so much to do. i remember last year at this time, as i was gearing up for a career change that did not ultimately pan out. i guess july is a good time for transition ;)

my main prayer right now, if you are wondering, is for the perfect person to take over and love mabel as much as i have. and possibly that person could love loco and the squirrels and the snakes and birds, and one or two of the neighbors, also :)

happy week all!


SDGuy91 said...

Congrats B! Lot's of new adventures are headed your way!

bobbione8y said...

thanks dave, i'll be a little closer to our lunch spot, now :)

cherk said...

Congrats I can't wait to see what magic you will weave with your new pad!

Karen said...

Oh, wow! I popped over here for a little color-fix. I wasn't expecting this!


Susan said...

OK just read the other post, from today...trying to get back into the blog swing. congrats.

bobbione8y said...

susan! what?!! how the heck are you!!! i am glad to see that you are back :)