Tuesday, July 05, 2011

in a daze

wow. where did today go? i am blogging at 4:30 pm. i also ate a lunch at my desk, and did not get my plants watered even though they are DYING.

i hate tuesdays dressed up as monday. they just totally hurt my brain.

i wanted to show you the goodies i brought back from the black hills. i was very excited about both of them!

first stop was an 'almost drive by' rock shop over by hill city. i made lou turn the car around ;) after hunting for just the perfect rock for my back patio, i settled for this little cute piece of petrified wood. if you look really closely, you can still see the price on the top, i could not get it to completely wash off. i'm telling myself that it's part of the charm :)

also found in hill city, an antique turquoise ring from the 40s. we almost slipped out of the antique shop we were browsing in, but the older lady working there started to chat it up with us. then, we saw the large tray of turquoise jewelry, and we were goners. both of us got a vintage ring. turns out the lady was selling her personal collection. which is a little bit sad, but she seriously seemed to enjoy how excited we were!

oh! oh! and we did not buy it, but we both coveted the cool metal sculpture sitting on main street. check out the amazing detail. this post kind of makes it sound like all we did is hang out in hill city, but it did not feel that way.

i did NOT bring this strange mushroomey guy back with me. but i wanted to! we saw a whole bunch of these!!! wonder what they are....


carey said...

dang. i should have put in a request for something turquoise.

i hear you on the tuesday/monday.

in fact, it's 10:38 and i think i will blog about it :)

cherk said...

I love that you posted all the things I have seen! LOVE the horse, I have to ogle it everytime I visit.

Rea said...

I love Hill City, I want to spend a day just browsing there sometime. Usually we just hit the Christmas store/quilt shop.