Thursday, July 21, 2011

waiting is not all that bad

the 'blank slate' that i might be buying...

one of a million ideas that could help
transform it into something yummy.

so. still waiting on the house deal to go thru. i really am not a big fan of 'negotiations' but it seems that in today's world, that's the way you do it. i kind of like conversation and a handshake. wonder if there is any place in the world that you can buy a house on those terms?


anyway. one good side effect of this whole past week, is that the wheels start clicking to design a new space. i have friends sending me ideas, me sending me ideas, and the brain just running full time. i love that part.

one of my fave blogs for this kind of dreaming is young house love. these crazy kids do a wonderful blog, i esp. love their 'house crashers' segment.

if you are in the mood for remodeling, you might want to give it a go and go there ...!


Rani said...

Fun. So. Much. Work. Though...

Susan said...

love it - we will be going through our own house transformation, we can share our with your new place, me with my grandmas house :)

carey said...

if you do get this place, bob, i can't wait to see the 'after' about five years from now.