Friday, July 08, 2011


wow. i actually woke up late this morning, and thought it was the weekend...he he. i guess 4-day weeks are not as good as 3-day weeks!

well, i do have a to-do list for today. but in my head, i'm going to be gardening and possibly going to brookings for the weekend. and maybe making a cake. that would be smart, right?

i am very happy to be back in 'summer foods' land, however. last night, i stir-fried up some goodness, from leftover stuff in the fridge and garden yummies. today, i have a cucumber chillin' for lunch. man. growin' your own is the way to go! look how pretty my food is now!

have a good one, friends :)


carey said...

mmm. i wish my plate looked like that. instead it looks like a bowl o cereal.

Karen said...

Oooooooh. I am so.darn.jealous.

Not only is there NO food in my house, not only are my pants too tight, not only did I eat all the junk on the entire west coast, but that is just soooooo beautiful. Mmmm.

cherk said...

I am jealous that you have "stuff". Between our weather and the hail, I don't have a single bloom or sign of anything bearing fruit yet. Sigh