Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a cat with 2 families

hey - funny story!

i had the good fortune to meet my loco's owner tonite. well, his 'other' owner, that is. i was out in the alley pulling some weeds, and i noticed in the adjoining alley, some people also pulling weeds....and loco. sitting in the middle of the alley. i waited for a sec, then decided to go over (i have never ever seen these particular people before).

i walked up to a middle-aged chubby guy and a matching lady, and a younger boy, probably college-age. they looked at me quizzically when i said 'can i ask you'all a question?'

i asked them if THAT cat was theirs, and the man said 'that depends.' i said, 'well, i seriously need to know his name, since he and i have been friends for over 7 years now.'

he laughed and said 'oh, you mean MANGO?'

he he. i guess my loco is a mango. i am not disappointed in this news! it's kind of a funky cat name, don't you think?

so, while i was standing there and explaining that he is sort of kind of ALSO MY CAT, he came over and rolled on my foot and looked at me like 'hey, watcha doin' over HERE?'

the woman looked seriously shocked and said 'he NEVER DOES THAT.'

ha. i laughed and said it took several years of wooing for him to do that ;))

anyway, it was great. he lives in the house down the street, with 3 humans (one of whom is a baptist pastor) and 2 other cats. and he gets one, and sometimes two cans of fancy feast a day. one time, he was gone for 5 days, and they found him under a car way far away from here after a huge winter blizzard (kind of glad i did NOT know that).

but secretly, i know he loves me best :)


Karen said...

Cool story. Cool cat. Of course he loves you best. I do find it weird that in South Dakota you can go seven years without ever seeing (or meeting) a neighbor, even one three doors down.

bobbione8y said...

yeah that is weird. i suppose the fact that it's three doors down in the next block is the key factor...usually people know their neighbors by their front or back door exchanges, and our streets are not facing the same directions.

sigh. too bad i will be leaving them all (maybe) soon.

cherk said...

That is the coolest story ever, and I agree with Karen, of cours she like you better!

cherk said...

Ok, I just reread your comment and THEN the post from today. I am inferring that moving may be in your future??

Rani said...

I LOVE this post. Which is wierd because I am about the furthest from a cat person that any person could be.

So where is this 'new' house. in a new town?