Tuesday, December 07, 2010

whirlwind days

friends, i can tell we are all in the midst of whirlwind days. i keep getting a mental picture of satan stirring up things so that we all lose focus of our Lord. not that he always is not milling around, but somehow, his efforts seem ramped up this time of year.

this morning, i woke up at 4am, and just surrendered. i got up, i made coffee and i sat in the colored lights of my living room, and prayed. i repented of all of the myriad of things i have done wrong lately, and begged for help with all of the things i cannot control. i also asked God to have mercy on me, that i know there are consequences for all of my sinful ways, but that right now i just needed to know He is there, and that He loves me.

i opened up my daily bible to this chapter of Hosea 6:

Come, let us return to the *Lord.

He has torn us to pieces, but he will bring us health.

He has caused us pain.

But he will cover the parts that hurt us with pieces of cloth.

After two days he will bring us back to life.

He will raise us up on the third day.

Then we can live near him.

Let us be humble before the *Lord. Let us really try to know the *Lord.

It will be like the sun that rises at the beginning of the day.

He will come to us like the rain.

now, i should note, these are the wishes of the people of Israel, when they know their hearts have been away from God. God's response to these words is in the next verse and sounds like "what am i going to do with you people?"

i'm trying to take this verse to heart. If i want the things that the people of Israel wanted from God, i need to listen to what He wants from me, and be willing to let my own selfish interests go by the wayside.

i should probably wake up at 4am and study the Word more often :)) happy tuesday, blogsters.

oh. ps. the light fixture is a great find from my 'basement shopping this past weekend. these weird ornate old fixtures (i have two) were in mabel when i bought her. i removed them swiftly at the time. now, i cannot imagine them not being on display. sigh. times change.


Rani said...

sigh...I was up several times during the night tending to small children who were not ill just cranky and overtired and let me tell you I was the furthest from the Word that I have ever been. I am ashamed of my lack of patience and my inability to cope with my complete loss of power and control. i have been sitting here all morning fumbling with yarn when I should have been praying and confessing and begging for mercy. Your post reminded me that I should probably read my daily devotional at least.

I like the fan:)

Karen said...

I just finished my quiet time. I'm certain that you are right. I love that your daily reading was Hosea, of all things. I love His timing.

Basement shopping sounds pretty cool, especially in snowy weather.

carey said...

thanks for the reminder, friend. i will be sure not to call this afternoon because i bet you will be napping :)

as for the lamp. um.

is it wrong to say my grandma would like it?