Friday, December 10, 2010

toffee and the end of the semester

so, i had to make toffee last night after looking at that photo for a few days. i could not find my candy thermometer, surprise, surprise. i decide to make it anyway, since i kind of know what it looks like when it is 'ready.'

oh my. just what i needed. a pound of temptation looking at me every time i walk anywhere NEAR the kitchen. in fact, i think i hear it calling right at the moment.

oh. i sprinkled a little sea salt on the chocolate before i added the nuts on top. because sea salt is the new cool thing. really good idea.

oh. and i wanted to show you a picture of one of my actual students, so you know i am not making it up about teaching. i'll leave her name off for privacy, but i did tell her i blog about everything.

this is her senior show, which i judged yesterday. i had never seen her dressed up before, which is kind of funny now that i think about it. she was happy. and i was proud of her.

:) happy friday!


Karen said...

You ARE a teacher!!!

(Just kidding)

I wish I could pop through the hedge and grab some of your toffee. I have a re-do of the Snickerdoodles today, so perhaps toffee tomorrow. I did buy all the stuff, except the thermometer. Which, because I'm me, I should buy.

What do you think about coconut??

Sea salt is brilliant with chocolate, I totally agree.

bobbione8y said...

i love coconut. lots of people don't....i did buy some raw coconut the other day, but it is usually my addition to peanut brittle.

oh. about the water test. back on the frontier, when candy thermometers weren't yet invented, women dropped their boiling sugar mixtures into ice water, which cooled the mixture quickly, which told them the consistency of the product. or 'donenesss' as it were.

i really don't understand why you are so enamored with that other prairie woman, when you actually have me.


Karen said...

Good point! I AM really glad I have you. I wish I had your peanut brittle. And that carmelcorn you made me when I was in Rapid that year. I still dream about that stuff. The other PW never made me jack. :-)

carey said...

i am going to make the toffee without a candy thermometer.

that should give you something to think about for the weekend.

bobbione8y said...

oh God, please forgive me right now at this moment. oh ps. my mom did not remember that she ever made toffee without the candy thermometer. perhaps i made that part up :)

Karen said...

Give Jace a videocamera!!!

Also, at first glance, your toffee looks kind of like a meatloaf.

bobbione8y said...

karen. zoom in. it looks like the BEST meatloaf in the world :))

oh, gotta go. here it calling again.

cherk said...

I missed out on the toffee conversation. I had a candy thermometer somewhere-I believe it was used in some kind of boys experiment many months ago

Karen said...

Okay. I can't find a candy thermometer. At Christmastime! Tell me again just exactly what will happen when I put the stuff in the ice water...

bobbione8y said...

karen, if you've never made toffee before, go get a candy thermometer! seriously.