Saturday, December 18, 2010

stopping the madness

yesterday afternoon, after a morning of ad deadlines, phone calls and general goofing off that i like to call work, i decided to forego the gigantic looming task of final grading....and rearrange my office.

i tell ya people, once i started, it was a mad and furious task. i still have half of the old office sitting in my kitchen, not sure exactly when i will deal with that fact.

but for now, this morning as i did a 360 spin with my chair, i am totally ordered and happy. i'm sure it is no coincidence that as i was sitting and reveling, 'this good day' - my favorite song in the whole wide world, came up on genius.

this IS a good day, and i will rejoice and be glad! i hope you will, too.


Karen said...

Yes, ma'am! I am rejoicing with you! I'm not up for cleaning and organizing (which is unfortunate, given that company arrives in four days), but the rejoicing, THAT I can do!

Happy Saturday!

Rani said...

very very nice.

Can you come over and reorganize my life?

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