Thursday, December 02, 2010

ha ha ha

i love that even andre jordan (my favorite cartoonist from my almost-favorite gardening blog by margaret roach, the new york gardener with a martha stewart past) is in on the 'new boots' conversation. i also love that he is a londoner who actually LIVES in south dakota now! what a small world! and now he is making cartoons about us!!

i also love that i am a south dakota bird, through and through.


Karen said...

Well......I think you could rock those Joan's in NYC, don't you?

Where does he live? Could you invite him for lunch?

bobbione8y said...

i don't invite people to lunch, but it's a novel thought...!

carey said...

i love being a sd bird, too. i just wish it was about 30 degrees all winter instead of -10. :)