Friday, December 03, 2010

the road trip that was

it's been quite a blessing to be able to get out on the road these last few weeks for the rural development project that i am in the middle of. the trip yesterday was to britton, sd. it's about 3+ hours north/west of SF, and i wasn't super excited to go (surprise, surprise).

oh, me of little faith. what a good day. as you can see, the roads get alot more rolly polly as you go up to the glacial lakes area. there was actually a light dusting of sparkly snow yesterday, and a very bright blue sky. i wish i had taken a photo, but this one will have to do...

britton is right by sica hollow. ya'll have heard of there, right? i have always wanted to go, but had no real idea of where it was. now, i have my next little mini vacation planned out. get ready, lou ;) we are going there next summer.

here are the kinds of amenities this small town (1,300 pop.) has:

• historic theatre that brings a new movie every week
• state-of-the-art wellness center connected to the hospital
• cute little downtown with a retail shop called 'dizzy blondes' and a bistro for the fancy people who might show up

thankfully, they also have my next house waiting for me at 805 5th Street.

i'm thinking it will be as good a place as any to start my new life's adventure. who wants to come visit?

:) happy friday.


Karen said...

WHOA. This is too enigmatic. Pie in the Sky? Studio? Three hours NORTH of SF?


(The house is awesome, but surely they build those closer to all your peeps..)

bobbione8y said...

this is my little vision that has been cooking for quite some time, just has not come out on the blog.

i'm sure if you opened your mind a bit, you could see it, too :)

Karen said...

HELP me open my mind, please! Spell it out a bit, will you?

bobbione8y said...

oh karen, i am sorry. i am not really ready to do that yet. it's still cooking in my mind and is not totally complete. it may go away, as lots of my silly ideas do.

just appreciate it for what it is, a little dream of my heart that keeps me happy when the real world closes in.

Karen said...

Oh, ok. I guess that's where we're different. If I had posted that, it would have been a teaser for something at the end of the cooking phase of things. I get it. Happy dreaming!

bobbione8y said...

um, i hate to tell you this, but you never actually follow up on most of your teasers. :)) ha.

Karen said...

Hence the failure part. Don't count me out, though. I'll get it figured out.

bobbione8y said...

i would not consider that a failure. i am just saying that i'm not the only teaser with no resolution!

Ellen said...

Life is one big tease with no resolution... until the ultimate perfect resolution for those who trust in Jesus.

That's my deep thought of the day. :)

bobbione8y said...

yes, ellen, i am so glad you reminded us of that. your deep thoughts are always welcome here :)

carey said...

we have rolly polly hills this direction. your dream is not going to take you THAT far away from me.