Friday, November 16, 2012

where in the world did she go?

i feel like i owe you guys this post.

and no, not because i am feeling guilty, but because i remember the days when i used to WANT to post almost every day.

unfortunately, life has taken a dramatic turn over here.

no, i have not fallen and cannot get up.

i have become one of THOSE people. a digital designer. like, somebody who designs stuff for facebook, and email, and dratted 'social' media. in OTHER words, spam. i've become a spammer.

i did not go into this willingly.

i fought it for as long as i could. but truth be told, if i don't switch over, in a couple of years i will not have employment. which may or may not be a detriment.

so, i am online most days, reading tutorials and making practice emails that i test 477 times before i send out. and then have the client call to say i made a typo.

it leaves precious little time for blogging, folks, and that is sad.

i also am making invitations to my party via email and facebook.

just for fun, i will put it here. you know, in case you don't do that other newfangled stuff :)

next week, i will try to come back at least ONCE!


Karen said...


I felt myself crossing over into creepy stalker territory. It doesn't feel like stalking when you post something new. :-)

cherk said...

Ha ha another stalker here as well. Don't give up...I would hate not hearing just little bit now and then. By the way love the artwork, always impressed with your skill.

carey said...

since you are into "likes" these days i will give you a double thumbs up for posting a new post AND for the fab art on your Christmas card.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope your soiree is a success. Enjoy!!