Friday, November 02, 2012

good golly.

it's been called to my attention that i use the following euphemisms a lot. i'm not exactly sure where Jesus stands on this matter, but at any rate, i'm trying to cut down.

i hereby give you permission to dock me a quarter if you hear me say:

good golly!

good grief!

holy cow!

holy hotdogs!


fer cryin' out loud!

good gravy!

wow. i'm kind of into euphemisms, aren't i?

holy cats - am i ever ready for a weekend.

good grief. i have not posted for 10 days, and this is all i can come up with?


happy friday.

* please add to list.


Karen said...

Wait! What is wrong with euphemisms? Are they inherently bad or do you just tend to overuse them?

I'm a big good grief-er, and an oh my word-er myself..

bobbione8y said...

both i think...the other day i was talking with some friends - and it came out that my pastor calls them 'candy-coated cuss words' he he. not all of them, just the ones that are the name of God references.

i like some of them, though! like dagnabbit, which is a derivative of 'G** you know what it'!

Karen said...

Gotcha. I remember a few years back when Bubba said something like, "You would think we live with Charlie Brown and the Crocodile Hunter," because I always said good grief and the WH was always saying that thing the Crocodile Hunter always said. Turns out the k-word is a derivation of Christ. So, yeah. He had to knock that off. Good grief is okay, though. Right??

anne said...

HA! :)

I have to say... HE doesn't call them candy-coated-cuss words, but was raised in a legalistic environment that did.

He would say "bah. Secondary issue."

K~ said...

Ya it is the same thing when I just yell F!!! I know what I am sayin! :) K~