Monday, November 05, 2012

that extra hour

happy Monday!

i'm here at a 'normal' time now, it seems the extra hour we gained has helped me to not sleep in soooooooooo late in the morning. yay.

i am in awe of how much i do NOT plan things. or, shall we say, how much i dislike planning things. sometimes, it seems like my whole life just slips through my fingers, because i do not have a plan.

gold and green pine trees, and pink pagodas. the stuff dreams are made of.

my lack of plans often become meandering house projects. this weekend, it started when i found a wonderful pair of vintage barkcloth curtains at an estate sale on friday. they seriously delighted me, and even though they were a bit spendy for my normal garage sale budget, i thought they would make great pillows....and i'm sure they would have.

unfortunately, after peering at them endlessly, i also got the notion that they would make great CURTAINS, which my poor living room does not posess.

so, after several shopping trips to get the correct rods, i ended up with this:

finally, curtains. i'm sure the neighbors are thrilled.

which i loved. they were very hard to photograph, esp. since the weekend was mostly grey and dreary. but you get the idea, right? the thing that i did not really think thru was that black curtains with pink pagodas on them MIGHT change the landscape around them. a. lot.

so, off i went to paint my accent wall....again.

white and black walls - who knew?!

i know. a black wall. telling people you painted your wall black is akin to telling them you decided to amputate your foot, just for fun. i can only say this: you have to be here. it really does bring a visual balance to the room.

last christmas. grey and sort-of-grey walls. not my favorite.

i'm going to write a book and call it 'the stuff-filled room.'

i sometimes forget all the progressions a room goes thru in my home. so i looked back and found the above shot from last christmas. i actually really love that shot, mostly because of the mantle, i think.

since then, i have changed a few things in my meandering style: chair, rug, another chair, wall color and dresser color (foreground left).

hmmmmm. wait for it.

those eyes!! they captivate me.
not quite finished... i have also decided that the NEW old chair is not quite right. so, this week i will be recovering chair cushions and making a pillow. my chair cushion tester thinks this is a fine idea.

long story short, i did not exactly have a budget-friendly weekend. however, i PLAN to get back on the horse this week, with NO plans to change anything, at least until decorating for christmas begins. which is at LEAST 3 weeks off.

doh. i suck ;)


carey said...

You change your living room decor as often as the J boys change their socks.

Karen said...

Holy moly (moley?). I really like that black wall. And, yeah, everything else. Especially everything turquoise.

I, um, vacuumed and dusted this weekend, which is more like undecorating, but still.

Karen said...

I also would like to 'like' Carey's comment, and add that you change your decor MORE often than the Monkey changes his beloved sweatpants.

bobbione8y said...

ha ha. i wish i could have you girls over for a bottle (or two) of wine.

cherk said...

Love the black wall...I always admire your risk taking. Like Karen said, I umm got a fall scented candle and there it is ta-da redecorating.

K~ said...

I still can't get over all your energy! It makes me so tired! I LOVE your curtains. Funny how curtains worked out working as curtains :) Love the black wall. K~

bobbione8y said...

yes kirsten - that was some BRILLIANT thinking, right?!

Karen said...

I'm in!! Wine at your house!

K~ said...

You make me laugh :)