Wednesday, November 07, 2012

and then it was over.

whew. yesterday was quite the day, eh?

i wish i could say i was happy about all the love and kumbayah, but BOY am i ever glad the election is over.

for the record, i did not have a favorite candidate in the presidential race. politics make me cry...

however, as one friend posted on facebook 'i feel safer this morning' - the VERY first thought that came into my head was 'yeah, it's that whole chariots and horses thing' - my mercy church family will totally understand that thought. the rest of you will probably think i am nuts :)


it was a good day.

the sun was out.

i had 3 meetings with my bff and we got some new projects.

i baked banana bread with applesauce replacing some of the oil, and it is yummy.

i had communion at church.

i went to bed early and got up early - FINALLY back on track because of daylight savings time...

and today is wednesday! wednesdays make me smile ;)


Karen said...

God taught me a lesson this morning about how everyone in America had been putting their trust in one man..but He didn't teach me the easy way, it was more like, "Oh, yeah? You shake your head at their folly? Well, what about _______." Ug. Point taken.

On another note, I didn't know it was Wednesday until you told me so. :-)

carey said...

and now it's thursday, even better. have fun going through all of those ski and fishing photos today. there is a great story here about our old school clients. i think you should tell it.

bobbione8y said...

ha ha carey - i just may tell that story :)

K~ said...

bread looks YUMMY!!!

Karen said...

I <3 that coffee cup. I also <3 it when you post new posts..

bobbione8y said...

i got that coffee cup from Ms. Kirsten! thank her for me!