Monday, August 06, 2012

thrifting weekend.

I had a great weekend thrifting, have not gotten my fill of thrifting this summer, in fact, have barely gone out at all.

I found this shell at the y-store. it's kind of plain looking, actually.

the 'coolness' is on the back of shell - it says 'Salerno, Italy - 9-23-1943' - I love that it has a 'story'!

also found a lovely little turquoise ring. it was blackened when i got it, now it is vintagey good.

the best find of the weekend was this painting. i did not realize at the time how perfect it was for my living room.

it seems quite old. it's an original oil painting, and the colors are 'just me.'

i have spent some time staring at it this weekend. i think it might be up there in the top 2 or 3 things i have ever thrifted. so beautiful....the first thought in my mind when i saw it was 'be still and know that i am God'

so, there you have segueway into a relaxing monday.

i finally decided i had better relax, now or never, as summer winds down. this is always a trick for me, this relaxing thing. but the weekend was a good start. i am trying to begin each day by thanking God and relying on HIS peace for the day. not my own, which usually proves to be rather short-lived.

here's to a week of whatever relaxes the one life you've got, kiddos!


cherk said...

I love to see what your "finds" are. You are such an expert

cherk said...

Didn't need your approval for this one, very strange

Karen said...

DId you make the "As for me and my house.." sign. I <3 that. :-) And the turquoise deer. Turquoise deer will always = Bobbi.

bobbione8y said...

karen - that project is on my list for vacation! soon! soon!

yes. the turquoise deer are a must :)

Karen said...

Yay!! I would put the Wonder Hub on it, but I'm thinking I better not push my luck until the door/headboard is done.