Thursday, August 23, 2012


that's what i've been up to.

no, not 'projecting' like thrusting forward.

projecting like 'project-ing' - natch.

this week off is going by very quickly. it's nice to be relaxed, but wow. i want to be even MORE relaxed! ha.

i have been fairly busy. the kitchen is KILLING me. but hopefully i'll have a full reveal by next week sometime. it's going ever so slowly. but still. it's going.

in the meantime, i did one little quickie project.

remember this guy?

i got him in pipestone a couple of years ago. it's great to have an extra storage piece for quilts, etc. he was very very brown, which sometimes, i like.

but now i'm in the mood for a little less brown.

it's hard to show 'true' color with a phone camera. but i do seem to be continuing in my green decorating style. literally. let's paint everything green.

i think the first photo might be closest to the real color. a nice apple-y green. i did my best effort to distress the edges just a tiny bit to let the orange wood show thru...which really makes the orange knobs stand out.

except for if you are color blind. then my whole house looks the same :)

anyway. doing a bit of a social day today, with several 'visits' planned instead of projects. it's good not to forget about people, after all.

happy thursday!


Ellen said...

I'm not colorblind, but if there are numbers hiding in those dots, I don't see 'em!

Nice dresser. I like the green.

P.S. Saw this on etsy yesterday and thought of you :) --

Karen said...

As always, you are a wonder. If someone said, "paint the dresser green," I would say, "Huh?" But then you paint a dresser green and I'm like, "Oooh, green dresser! So pretty!"

Happy blog birthday!!!

carey said...

Yay for green. Now I know what to get you for your birthday. Something green...hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Great Green Dresser and Happy, Happy Birthday. Hope your day is filled with joy, pleasant surprises and friendship