Saturday, August 25, 2012

birthday recap

so, the big day was yesterday.

since it was also the last 'vacation' day i'll have in awhile, i got my cabinets stripped of the last bits of grandpa paint. that felt good.

after weeks of debating whether or not to celebrate '50' with a real, actual party, in the end i chickened out. it turned out that the two friends who rescued me from spinsterhood and celebrating alone were exactly what i needed.

well, and apparently i needed a free birthday sombrero, too.

that's not even really a side hug, carey. see how your hand is not actually even TOUCHING?! :)

2 rarely-photographed art girls on an even rarer night out.

i'm so grateful for these two, the ones that i most often pour my soul out to, and share my hopes and dreams with. surprisingly, last night i did some of both. i think a week spent alone was causing me to get a bit more reflective than i even expected.

sigh, it was nice.

i did wake up this morning after a FULL night of silly dreams and a slight hangover from one large watermelon margarita.

so, on we go to this uncharted territory called 50-hood! i am fully expecting good things, and happy to have gotten this far mostly unscathed :)

happy weekend, friends!


Karen said...

SO glad you had a great day! That sombrero rocks!

I'll be laughing for a week at that lame side-hug picture..

carey said...

hey, i'm pretty sure i just wasn't "settled in" for the picture. i know an actual side-hug did occur. glad i got to spend your special day with you. now go core some cupcakes :)

cherk said...

I am so sorry I missed it!! Happy Birthday, I know it was great!

Ellen said...

I don't know what looks better on you, Bobbi -- 50 or the sombrero! Both look cute from where I'm sitting! Glad you had a fun day. You're someone who should be celebrated!

K~ said...

love the hat :)!