Tuesday, August 28, 2012

calling all kitchen aids...

I am looking for a helper. someone who doesn't mind painting #$%^& kitchen cabinets. because really, seriously, the girl who loves to paint is sssssssssssssoooooooooooo sick of these things.

okay. whine and cheese served. time to get over it and show you the progress. perhaps these photos will spur me to the finish line, but somehow, i don't think so. it's been......an underwhelming process to say the least.

 i guess it helps a TINY bit to look back...because it was a truly ugly kitchen. photos somehow soften reality, so it doesn't look as bad in the pics as it did in real life. gold-ish paint and wallpaper do not make for a hip place to be.

i did add a little cabinet 'bling' at the end, which i love.

i also love the open shelves...and the nice big window to dead-grassville.

mostly, i like that 'white' means 'clean' in a kitchen.

okay. so it IS a little bit cute.

somebody wanna come over and finish this side of the show?

what you cannot tell from the 'reveal' shots is that the whole bank of cabinets on the stove side is not painted yet, only primed. probably another good saturday of work. but at least it's closer....close....oh crap, it's just not a fun job. try to forgive me for falling short, okay?

timing is pretty good, tho, because I can feel some extra time in the kitchen coming on REAL soon :)


cherk said...

You can so do it! Think of the green bling at the end. You have done an amazing job so far!

SDGuy91 said...

Kitchen looks great, B!

bobbione8y said...

aw, thanks for the encouragement!!! this weekend, fo sho!

Ellen said...

I'm totally digging the black rotary dial. Did it come with the house or is that your touch?? The extra long cord is a must in the kitchen. My mom always used to get it wrapped around herself while talking and cooking at the same time. :)

Love what you've done! I envy how quickly you can dive into projects. We're moving into our new place next week, and I'm already trying to remind myself to be project-ing at a very relaxed pace because of my three littles. I can't do anything while they're awake, and I'm not a very good mommy if I stay awake all night painting! :)

Karen said...


But, um, NO, I will not be signing up to paint cabinets. Sorry.