Tuesday, September 03, 2013

the next big thing....

...is not really new at all, but has kind of become new to THIS late adapter over the summer.

remember when rani started blogging, and all of the rest of you did not think you would like it?

now it's time to jump on board the instagram wagon.

seriously. even carey. that iphone of yours has a decent camera, and i can even hook you up with a couple of awesome apps. you. need. it.

ps. come on over and have a look at what i have been up to this summer! and you don't even have to read all my boring words anymore :)

user: bobbigaukel



carey said...

instagram is about pictures and i am about words. oh, world. you're killing me.

Rani Gordon said...

LoVe Instagram...but I cannot figure out how to get those cool collage things. It's not insta for me yet :)

bobbione8y said...

Rani - there are apps for that!

and yes, Carey, pictures are taking over the world. maybe we both should think about becoming photographers in our next season of life.

Karen said...

Hi. Remember me?

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