Friday, August 30, 2013

story of my life....

As we head into the final weekend of the summer, I find myself in the same position as much of the summer. My faithful co-worker at my side, working in the light of another beautiful day.

I'm not kidding when I say that I'm in the very best season of my life, it seems. Busy, but yet feeling at peace and 'in my zone' with God and his purpose for my life. I am juggling lots of things, but not trying so hard to control any of them, which is SO so rare for me.

I slip and fall often, but realize that getting back up is not as shameful as I used to think it was. Being human is a fact of life, and it's easier when we realize that sin is not to be avoided, but to be tackled daily. God is bigger.

I usually work from about 7am - 2pm. It sounds kind of slackerish, but really, my brain sort of quits after these hours. Sometimes, I go back in the evenings for a couple of hours if I need to finish things up for the next day. I love this rhythm.

After hours, I have time to spend with friends, to do community with my church, or to wander in my garden and relax. I water alot. I pull a few weeds. I sit and dream. Last night, I started to crochet again, getting into the routine of winter that is coming soon.

I also have a myriad of projects going fence/landscaping in back yard, painting/cleaning/organizing in the basement, redoing the sunroom finally after 2 years of living here.

Speaking of, I am finally starting to think of this place as home. I still miss Mabel, to be honest. That home really WAS my dream love for a long time. I feel good about Fern, though, especially as I make some progress on updates, and as the neighborhood becomes not so foreign. I wish I had better relationships with my neighbors, but things are better. The 'drug house' in my back yard is quiet for the time being, since the death of one of the inhabitants in July. It's a sad feeling, to know that terribly lost young people are right next door. I have started to pray more for them, instead of only being irritated. That's a good thing.

So, I enter into this Labor Day weekend with great thanks. For this life I'm living, the easy and hard things, and the One who makes it all possible. I hope to spend some time this weekend in worship for all He has done.

Wishing you guys a great weekend, too!


cherk said...

2 years with Fern already, sometimes time goes by so fast it makes me sad how quick it is. My brain shuts off at 2 as well!

carey said...

I love this season in your life as well. such a well-balanced Bobbi. And I do love Fern, she is really coming along. As for your work habits, I am a 9-3 kind of girl. And that's on a "hard" day. He he. I think that because we work alone and don't have all the distractions of an office, it all balances out. I don't remember working much past 3 in my old life, either.

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