Monday, February 11, 2013

random monday somewhere in the midwest

hi ho!

i have not alot to say this fine Monday, but a few small tidbits. so let's randomize:

 this scene could be from any one of the last few days. we had another 'snow event' which really turned out to not be very eventful.

siesta is always hoping for some action, however, thru the safety of the front door. she'll let you know if anything exciting happens.

 i went to church yesterday, and chalk Jesus greeted me. he's really quite big (over 3', i'll bet) and very nicely done. this is what my friend anne does when she has free time. i kind of wish she had MORE free time.

ps. if you think you could draw like this, try imagining drawing Him in REVERSE, because that is what you have to do with white chalk on a black wall.

which kind of makes my brain hurt.

i have done nothing creative in quite awhile, i feel like. it's like your brain goes numb after awhile.

i did slipcover my couch over the weekend, which required some skill in wrestling. i love it except for when i sit down, then it bothers me.  so I get up and fix the wrinkles, then sit down again.

i did not really need a hobby like that, but it IS winter after all.

happy Monday :)


Rea said...

Still loving the chalk. Picturing her as kind of like the Michelangelo of Mercy Church perched up on a ladder drawing that. Now that's something to consider...a world with no Sistine Chapel, no stained glass, no Last Supper, no...well, you get the drift. Visual arts = continuity and connection throughout church history.

carey said...

i love chalk Jesus. and you really didn't have a snow event? the drifts are HUGE over here.

anne said...

Ahhh geez! And over here, too! Thanks for the kind words and prayer, Bob.
Loretta... careful throwing around that BIG BIG name!! Ha!
I think we have an amazing community of artists/people at Mercy: musicians, writers, visual, speakers, storytellers, lovers, etc.
To God the glory! FUN!

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