Tuesday, February 19, 2013

life gives you lemons

actually, life is good. busy, but good. feeling like i'm living on purpose.

i like this 'word' intentional given to me by God. it's causing me to question things i have been doing on autopilot for a long time.

eating healthy is hard, even when i'm intentionally trying to do it.

so today, i made some lemon vinaigrette. then a spinach salad. it tasted sort of like a restaurant, or maybe even better, like my friend anne's :)

ps. you can see my cool orange striped tshirt in the spoon :)

happy day!


cherk said...

That yellow color just made my day! Lemons indeed

anne said...

Yay! Lemon! I love lemon!

I hope you wrestled Stacy to the ground for those lemon cookies last night. If not I have more... if I don't eat them all first. ;)

Lemon cookies. Lemon dressing. Must be spring! (Don't look outside)

bobbione8y said...

I GOT THE COOKIES! ha. crumbly but good. one left for today :)

I made that weird lemon enzyme stuff yesterday - science experiment for sure :)

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