Monday, December 10, 2012

whatcha doing?

hi all! I hope you are having a pleasant monday morning. brrr. just stepped the toes out the door, possibly glad i am not going anywhere for awhile.

but just look! beauty. full.

sun and snow mixed together. a pretty perfect combo....

life is good over here, lots going on. i am happy to say that i've been fairly busy up until now, and have a couple of new projects heading into the new year. once again, my business lives. isn't that seriously crazy? every time i think it's about to be over, somehow things come up. sigh. so glad for that.

i spent some time yesterday making those fleecey tie blanket things. it is actually kind of a fun activity. i'm making them to bless a family i know that is having a hard time financially this season. but i have to tell you, EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the world must also be making them, because the cutting line for fleece at the fabric store was INSANE. who knew? the inventor of fleecey tie blankets should be a millionaire!

:) but i bet she is not. i also bet she is a she...although i saw a couple of men buying fleece, too.

i have spent a ton of time staring at this vignette this season. it's funny how i am so drawn to sparkly things. i have seriously gotten the christmas decorating bug BADLY!

what is great is that i already had most of the stuff i decorated with. i'm just cramming it ALL up there this year, which i haven't done really before. i think i am set until february, when i usually take my christmas decorations down. ha.

i hope you all are having a great season - wishing you a happy, happy week!


carey said...

we love nothing more than fleecy blankets over here. rani started that one with a housewarming gift. you know i'm also a fan of sun and snow. yippeee!

Rea said...

I attempted to make one of those one year after receiving one as a baby gift for Jordan. I may, perhaps, be the only person in the world who cannot make a decent fleecy blanket. However, I take full credit for exporting the fleecy blanket trend from the Midwest to Virginia since one of my co-workers loved the idea and started making them to give as gifts and no one had ever seen them before.

bobbione8y said...

rea - i did not say that the blankies were especially EASY to make, at least not at first ;)) ha. i give credit to the carpet, which eventually helped in keeping things in place while i cut/tied...