Tuesday, December 18, 2012


it's like the world has changed so dramatically since the last post. on friday morning, i was playfully thinking about cookies and baking, and by friday afternoon, a rock moved into my heart and i was in mourning, along with what seems like the whole country.

i wish you all could have been at church on sunday to hear my pastor talk about living in the face of evil. i have heard this position from him before, but it is so much more powerful in light of REAL hurt and REAL evil.

i have not commented much amongst the myriad of viewpoints that have been around about the shootings. but a couple of things DID strike my heart almost immediately.

maybe we cannot control guns totally. maybe we cannot change the downward spiral of our country because of sin. maybe we cannot keep mental illness from being a leper that is mostly ignored or mocked.

but maybe.

maybe there is ONE person in each of our lives that we can encourage, or even just notice. maybe there is life to be breathed into SOME ONE person by our actions, instead of our inaction. maybe. maybe.

who is that one person for you? ask God. ask your God. ask the Lord your God. if he is not your God, ask Him to be. ask Him. ask Him. do not ask God why he did this, because he did not do this. He cannot do this kind of thing. not for our good. not for some good in the long far off away.

what he can do and does is allow each of us the free will to choose good. what we cannot do is choose good and consistently BE good without his power. please ask. please ask.

:) love you guys. hope you are having a good week.


carey said...

this is what God put us on this earth for...to do for others, however big or small. thank you for the reminder.

cherk said...

Very good reminder Bobbi, sometimes it is so hard to make sense of something, so impossibe to understand. Heavy heart from my point of view, doesn't even begin to describe it.

Karen said...