Friday, December 21, 2012

looks like we made it!

schwew. made it to friday. this week was so nice, i almost am sad it is friday already! people do really become softer on the week before christmas, i think. me included. i think it's because we have Jesus on our minds. very excited for the things He is speaking into me lately.

i also have my craft room on my mind. here are some thoughts:

I ordered two of these from amazon last night. now, I'm looking for some bins/baskets to put on some of the shelves....I kind of wanted cabinets with doors, but these are more budget-friendly, and will work.

I also want to get some kind of curved track light (ahem, Anne). It's a dimly lit space, and I have lots of lamps, but I think this would help.

I've been thinking about wallpaper. but it might be an orange accent wall instead.

You may remember this table from mabel's kitchen. i still have her, and she will become my sewing table.

this is completely 100% fantasy. sigh. but in my dreams i would have this.

Also fantasy. probably a little more realistic to find something like this, however.

so there you have it. all i want for christmas, and more! it feels so good to be making fern better. i think she will like this next step :)

happy friday!


K~ said...

love the couch but can you imagine the pattern it will leave on your butt in the summer :)

Bobbi said...

Haha! Yes! Floral impressions and cellulite! Lovely....

Merry Christmas my friend ;)

cherk said...

I love the fantasy room, I know you will make it happen!

Karen said...

I have to admit that the phrase, "orange accent wall" has a nice ring to it.

Can't wait to see pics. :-)