Saturday, August 14, 2010

things i saw in the woods

...lots of prettiness.

truthfully, i did not fully relax until about thursday. lots of work stress looming threatened my head for several days. i was able to sneak internet from the gorgeous fancy cabin around the bend, which probably was not the best thing :)

however, we did meander into many good places: pie shops; ely and grand marais, mn; hiking trails with vistas, rocks and shoreline for miles; shrooms; beaches with agates and thomsonite that we did not manage to find; mansions and grand gardens; water, water, more water.

i did read not one, but TWO whole books in the evenings! and started a third! i hope i keep in THAT zone, it feels so good to read.

sigh. other worlds are good to visit, but it also will be nice to catch up at home this weekend. my little one seems to be in the mood for lots of lovin' and my yard looks like it has not been attended to for months.

i heart you, north shore!


cherk said...

WOW your pics are awesome! Where is this place? Keep going with the books

bobbione8y said...

cher, this is the area from duluth, mn north along highway 61 - called 'the north shore'

i think your outdoorsy clan would dig it, too :)