Thursday, August 05, 2010

the mostest

you know what i am looking forward to ... almost the MOST?

reading a book. such an indulgent luxury. not a textbook. or a bible study book. or a magazine. but a BOOK. as in novel. i like those, and i never get to.

i have a couple i'm bringing to c#5, including this one. the author went to high school with me (her sister was in my class, and is how i found out about it). it looks kind of 'up my alley.'

for those of you who remember rocky gilbert from sdsu, the author is his daughter.

i hope i get to finish it!


Rani said...

Oh, I hope that you get to finish it and start another one. I have been in a reading FRENZY as of late. I am so enjoying it. I just finished the shack this afternoon. I cried and cried and I think I am a changed woman. I am going to finish another book before bed :) Have fun with #5 will ya?

cherk said...

Ohh I love the luxury of reading something just for me, I hope make lots of time to get it done! Cabin # 5 here you come

Rea said...

I simply must read this book, if only for the unlikeliness of the protagonist's last name... ;)

Rea said...

Rats, the library does not have it. Can I borrow your copy when you're done? Pretty please?

Karen said...

I hope it's so good that you HAVE to finish it. Then I hope you remember to tell me to read it.

carey said...

i do remember rockanomics. ugh. the man about killed me. i hope his daughter does not write one word about macro or micro or supply and demand :)