Tuesday, August 03, 2010

cabin #5

i swear, i have to keep repeating 'cabin #5' to myself this week. that's because the weeks before and after vacation are always kind of painful. not sure which is worse. i'm in 'before' mode right now, and cabin #5 is long off in the distance. i haven't thought about it much yet, even though lou emails me almost every day with something or other to look forward to. cabin #5 kind of reminds me of my fave r.e.m. song, driver 8. i'm not sure what all the mystique is in either one, but it's there... just out of reach.

in the meantime, i'm writing webinars, planning course syllabi, coming up with new brands, making a covenant partnership with the new church and filling in with some of the same old, same old. i do kind of feel like my brain is coming alive again after a long dormant period. perhaps that is good.

so, for now, cabin #5 waits. it was good to hear the lady on the other end of the phone say 'yes. we are expecting you on the 7th' when i called to make sure it is for real. i guess it is just a matter of days til i meet cabin #5 in person, but i kind of like the dream image of the vacation in my head, as much as the reality of the trip ahead.

is that weird?

The walls are built up, stone by stone,
the fields divided one by one.
And the train conductor says
"Take a break Driver 8, Driver 8 take a break
We've been on this shift too long"

And the train conductor says
"Take a break Driver 8, Driver 8 take a break
We can reach our destination, but we're still a ways away"


KristieLou said...

Just remember all the work leading up to vacation will totally make it worth it! I can't wait for cabin #5! Seriously its the only thing that is going to get me through 2 photo shoots in the next 2 days.

Totally can't wait!!!!

bobbione8y said...

you get photos shoots, and i get a whole day of RC. :)) yeah. we will make it thru!

cherk said...

bobbi-it looks awsome, all the vacation prep and post work will be worth it. Can't wait to hear about all the cool things you find and do.

Karen said...

Awesome post! TM is with you in spirit. He waited through a loooong, boring, friendless summer day for a movie date AND a sleepover invite and noted that sometimes the waiting is as much fun as the thing you're waiting for.

I'm waiting for Moose and Bubba to return. Twenty-four days!!!!

DeAnn said...

Looks AWESOME! Keep the image in your head, you will get through the work that comes beforehand. I know what you mean about all the pre-vacation work but it will totally be worth it.

Cabin #5
Cabin #5
Cabin #5
etc, etc, etc, etc...

bobbione8y said...

karen, in your case the thing you are waiting for is better than the wait :)

thanks for the encouragement girls!!!! 2 days!

Karen said...

True, true. Although it's very apparent that Senioritis has set in (with accompanying attitude) and I'm not so much looking forward to THAT.

Every time I look at that cabin pic I think, "Man, I could get a lot of writing done in Cabin #5!" Especially if there were no internet. :-)